Come attivare il debug USB con schermo rotto?

You can connect an OTG adapter to the micro USB port of the phone to transfer the screen of an Android device with a broken screen to a PC via USB cable. Afterwards, you can use a mouse instead of your finger to access the menu and settings of the smartphone.

Another question is: How can I recover data from a phone with a broken screen? You can recover lost data from a phone with a broken screen wirelessly using a USB OTG cable and a mouse if the phone turns on and the display is visible.

In relation to this, how can I enable USB debugging on an Android device? You can enable USB Debugging on an Android device in the following way:

  1. Click on the Settings menu.
  2. Select Development.
  3. Select the Applications section.
  4. Choose the USB Debugging option.

How can I recover data on a Samsung with a broken screen? Some individuals use Windows AutoPlay to recover data from a Samsung phone with a broken screen. Use a USB cable to connect the Samsung phone to the computer. Click on "Open folder to view files" when the AutoPlay menu appears. Then, go into each folder on your computer and copy it.

How to enable USB debugging with the adb command? Furthermore, when using the adb command to enable USB debugging, USB debugging is disabled by default on stock ROMs. However, some custom ROMs enable it by default. To activate or deactivate it, you can find the appropriate switch in the Development Settings, a section originally hidden with Android 4.2 and later.

As a result, how can I see the broken screen of the phone on my Windows 10 computer? The installation and use of Vysor are easy with Windows 10. To display the screen of your Android phone on your PC, simply click on the VIEW button. Taking this into account, how can I recover data from a broken iPhone that is not working? How to recover data from a damaged iPhone is so simple:

  • Install ApowerRescue on your PC.
  • Use a lightning cable and the program’s main interface to connect your device.
  • Select the files to recover and click "Start Scan". Then, wait for the app to finish scanning your device.

How can I enable USB debugging? To enable USB debugging, follow these steps. 1) Click on Settings, then on System, then on About phone, and then on "Build number". 2) Tap the Build number no more than seven times. 3) A prompt will show that developer mode is already enabled. How can I unlock USB debugging? Go back to Settings, select System and updates, and choose Developer options. Then, enable Allow ADB debugging only in charge and USB debugging. Select OK when a dialog box appears saying "Allow USB debugging".

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