Come convertire un file in ebook?

Calibre is undoubtedly the best free program to convert PDF to ePub. It is more than a simple converter, but also an e-book manager that allows you to organize your digital library, synchronize it with all the major e-book readers on the market, and much more.

How can I change the format of an ebook?

I recommend Calibre as the best software to convert ebooks to any format. In addition to ebook conversion, it also offers the ability to organize your digital library and synchronize it with the most common ebook reader models. Furthermore, you can download book metadata among its numerous functions.

How can I convert a PDF file to Publisher?

Converting a PDF file to Publisher is as easy as this:

  1. Go to "Home" and choose "Convert to Image" under the "To Other" section.
  2. After the conversion, you can choose an image format compatible with Publisher, such as GIF or JPEG.

How can I transfer files to Kobo?

To transfer files to Kobo:

  1. Connect your old eReader to your PC or MAC using the cable.
  2. Create a folder on your desktop.
  3. Select the eBooks you want to transfer to Kobo and move them to the folder.
  4. Use the cable to connect the new Kobo to the old eReader.

What formats does Kobo read?

Kobo can read the following formats:

  • EPUB, EPUB2, and EPUB3 (Kobo Original and Kobo Wi-Fi do not support EPUB3)
  • PDF, FlePub, and MOBI for books
  • PDF for documents
  • JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and TIFF for images
  • TXT, HTML, and RTF for text
  • CBZ and CBR for comics.

Where can I find free books for Kobo?

To download free books for Kobo, the easiest way is to access the dedicated section on the official Kobo website or its mobile app. I will provide more information about this in a dedicated paragraph.

How can I get Kindle Unlimited for free forever?

It is not possible to get Kindle Unlimited for free forever, nor is it possible to crack the app to get free books and ebooks. However, you can try Kindle Free, which allows you to read selected books for free. Once you have chosen the book(s) you want to read, select the "Kindle format" option and click "Read for Free" to complete the process. This way, the ebook will be practically downloaded to your personal computer.

How can I download books for free?

Here are ten websites where you can download ebooks for free in Italian:

  1. Il Progetto Gutenberg, the father of all other initiatives for free book distribution on the Internet.
  2. Libero
  3. Mondadori store
  4. Google Books
  5. StreetLib
  6. Bookrepublic
  7. Molti libri
  8. Feedbooks

Can I switch from Kobo to Kindle?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to directly transfer books from Kobo to Kindle because the formats are different. However, there are apps that can convert Kindle format to Kobo, but I am not sure if they work. Kobo ebooks can be purchased at La Feltrinelli or Mondadori bookstores or directly on the company’s website.

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