Come funziona il blog di Google?

Creating a Blog using Blogger

  1. Click on the left arrow.
  2. Click on "New blog".
  3. Give your blog a name.
  4. Click on Next.
  5. Choose a URL or address for the blog.
  6. Click on Save.

What is Google Blogger?

Google Blogger is a blogging platform designed for people who are not familiar with web languages. With Blogger, you can create a blog from scratch with just a few mouse clicks.

What is the definition of a blog?

A blog is a thematic type of website where an internet user known as a Blogger writes and publishes textual or multimedia content such as videos or podcasts with a certain frequency.

How to access the blog?

To access the blog, go to Blogger and enter the email address you used for your blog. Add an active Google account as an administrator for your blog and log in using the latest password you remember.

How much can you earn with a blog?

The earnings from a blog can vary based on your skills and interest. However, it is reasonable to expect a considerable compensation for your blogging activity. Once your blog is established, think about €100,000 per year or more. Of course, blogs have no limit.

What is the usefulness of keeping a blog?

A blog is a type of online diary that allows you to write content in chronological order. The structure is similar to that of a diary, with each page having a date and a URL, or recognition address. The main difference between a blog and other websites is that it is always evolving.

Which blogs receive the most visits?

Top blogs in 2020:

  • The Huffington Post: 143.1 million dollars for
  • "Engadget":, valued at 47.5 million dollars.
  • Moz:, $44.9m.
  • Perez Hilton, accessible at, worth 41.3 million dollars.
  • Copywriting Blogger: $35.1 million for
  • Mashable: 30 million dollars for

What are the products of Google?

You can save links, images, and places from Google search results into collections to find them later. Important: This feature may not be available in some languages or countries. Sign in to your Google account to access your collections.

Who is the author of a blog?

A blogger is a person who writes and publishes content on a blog, which can include articles and web pages. You can become a travel blogger, specializing in travel, a food blogger, or a fashion blogger. However, these are just the most important categories.

What are the differences between bloggers and influencers?

  • Influencers: A person who has the power to influence through their fashion posts and content on their own website, thanks to their reputation on social networks.
  • Fashion bloggers: A person who creates fashion content for their own website.

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